Practice your rolls, bracing, wet exits and rescues in the comfort and safety of a heated pool.  Every Sunday night we take over Crystal Pool for a couple hours - you can join a lesson as listed below, or just practice skills on your own... great for sea or whitewater kayakers.

You can use our boats and gear, or bring your own for a discount... just give us a call to let us know you'll be coming, and what (if anything) you'd like us to bring for you.  If you're going to bring your own boat in, please thoroughly wash it with fresh water first to ensure you will not be bringing salt water, sand or sea creatures into the pool with you!  Dirty boats will not be permitted in the pool.

All pool reservations must be paid in full prior to Sunday night... payments cannot be accepted at the pool.

* all prices below include taxes

Drop-in Play & Practice - 2 hrs 

Bring your boat or use one of ours to practice your rolls, bracing, wet exits, rescues and anything else not so comfortable to do in our beautiful (but rather chilly) coastal waters.  Staff will be in the pool at all times, but as they may be assisting other paddlers, you should comfortable practicing without supervision.

Cost w/ your own boat: $12.50
Cost w/ one of our boats: $25
Skills / Experience Required: you should be comfortable with basic strokes and wet exits.

The Basics (P1) - 2 hrs 

The best place to start is the beginning... an introduction to the kayak, how to get in and out of it, and how to propel yourself in it!  We'll also cover basic wet exits.

Cost: $65   ($5 off if you bring your own boat & gear)
Skills / Experience Required: none

Recovery Essentials (P2) - 2 hrs

One of the best ways to gain confidence in a kayak is to learn what to do if you, or someone you're with tips over.  In this course, we will increase your comfort level with being upside down in your boat and introduce you to basic self and assisted recovery techniques, while refining your maneuvering strokes.

Cost: $65   ($5 off if you bring your own boat & gear)
Skills / Experience Required: basic strokes and comfort with wet exits

Bracing & Edging (P3) - 2 hrs

An introduction to the low and high brace.  Learning to brace and lean your kayak will greatly increase your maneuverability and safety on the water - and help prevent unplanned rolls.

Be prepared to get wet and practice your wet exits   :)

Cost: $80   ($5 off if you bring your own boat & gear)
Skills / Experience Required: basic strokes and comfort with wet exits

Rolling (P4) - 2 hrs

There are many different ways to roll, but the goal and result is ultimately the same - to right yourself in the water when you roll upside down.  For most day trips and calm water paddles, it's unlikely you'll experience any unexpected upsidedown'ness, but as you venture out into different conditions... and especially if you'd like to practice beach landings and launches where you'll encounter surf, a good roll becomes an invaluable skill.  In this course, we will introduce you to the mechanics of the roll, but you should plan lots more practice time to perfect it.

Cost: $90   ($5 off if you bring your own boat & gear)
Skills / Experience Required: basic strokes, bracing and comfort with being upsidedown in your kayak

Surf Essentials : Part I & II (S1&2)

Part I of our Westcoast surf course is at Crystal Pool.  We will introduce you to the skills you'll need to maneuver a whitewater kayak on flat water and in the surf, including basic strokes, bracing and wet exits, along with surf zone etiquette and safety.

Part II will run on the weekend directly following Part I, and will be a full day at Jordan River.  We will start out in the river to get a feel for the moving water, then move out into the surf for the remainder of the day.  Be prepared to get very wet and have a LOT of fun!

Cost: $150
Skills / Experience Required: solid paddling, bracing and self-rescue skills, confidence in tidal waters, currents and rough waters and endurance for a full day of paddling

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