Below you'll find maps to a few of our favorite launch spots.  You can click on any of the locations below to be taken to an interactive MapQuest map where you can zoom in-to or out-of maps, request driving directions and print maps.

As many launch spots are within residential areas, please be prepared to unload your boats near the launch spot, then park further away to avoid blocking others in.

photo: Jonty Parker-Jervis
Oak Bay Marina   <- click for map
Many of our paddles, to Cadboro Bay, Chatham and Discovery Islands or Trial Islands, start at the beach just to the right of the Oak Bay Marina (on your right as you drive in).  This is a nice sheltered pebble beach at the end of a little cove.  Parking is free and (usually) abundant in the marina parking lot and there are public washrooms at the marina.

Cadboro Bay   <- click for map
This is a beautiful lauch spot for all sorts of paddling.  Cadboro Bay is both a sheltered area for beginners and a starting point for trips out to coastal islands.  The beach is at Cadboro-Gyro Park where there is parking, a playground for kids and public washrooms.

Roberts Bay   <- click for map
Roberts Bay is a great starting point for day trips out to a bunch of little islands.  Heading towards the ferry terminal on the Pat Bay Highway, just take the first right after the turn-off for Sidney, hook right and follow Ardwell Street to the water.  The last little bit of Ardwell is only about a 1/2 block long, pull in to unload your boats, but please park on Resthaven or further up on Ardwell to avoid blocking in the locals.  This is a sandy/muddy/rocky beach and there are no washroom facilities.

Island View Beach   <- click for map
Named for it's view of several islands, this is a perfect starting point for trips to James Island and others.  This is a long big sandy beach with a boat ramp, outhouses and an ok sized parking lot.  Heading towards the ferry terminal on the Pat Bay Highway, turn right at Island View Road and just follow it until you hit the beach!

Weir Beach   <- click for map
This is a great take-off point for trips out to Pedder Bay, Race Rocks and Becher Bay.  Weir Beach (often referred to as Weir's Beach) is a beautiful sandy beach tucked into a shallow bay.  Access to the beach is from a residential street, so there are no washroom facilities and limited parking - please respect the locals by not blocking driveways etc.

Hamsterly Beach @ Elk Lake   <- click for map
We do boat demos, lessons and canoe paddles at Elk Lake.  Hamsterly Beach is a nice sandy launch spot with nearby washrooms and lots of parking.  Elk Lake connects up with Beaver Lake also.

Prospect Lake   <- click for map
Another nice lake with a little beach to launch from and easy parking.

Toquart Bay Recreation Site
This is one of the best launch sites to the Broken Group.  The site offers very basic camping sites and facilities, and parking for $3/day while you're out paddling.  It's tough to provide an accurate map to this location as it's at the end of a very bumpy logging road not listed on many maps, but these directions should get you there:

· Take Highway 1 up island (North) to the second Parksville exit.
· Follow signs through Coombs to Highway 4.
· Follow Highway 4 to Port Alberni. (last minute shopping and snacking here).
· From Port Alberni, follow signs toward Ucluelet.
· There is a Husky Station a few miles out of Port Alberni; the turnoff to Toquart is 44.2 miles from there.
· Kennedy Lake will be on your right - so big it's often mistaken for the ocean!
· Watch for the sign for the turn off to Toquart Bay.  You will be taking a sharp left turn and switching back on to a gravel road.  The last nine miles on this dusty, bumpy road has been known to crack more than a couple kayaks over the years.  If you've got your boats on your roof, be sure to have them well padded and not too tight.

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