We've currently got several different white water boats available in our rental fleet for surf and play.  If you're thinking about purchasing a white water boat, this is a great way to try before you buy.

All white water kayak rentals include a spraydeck, paddle and PFD.

Necky Blunt
Often used in expeditions, the Blunt has lots of volume below the waterline to ensure good landings from big drops, with a deck designed to promote controlled resurfacing in scary water.  With pronounced rails that creat speed without being catchy, and enough rocker to let you manuever into the perfect line, the Blunt can go just plain BIG.  This is a great boat for larger paddlers who have trouble fitting comfortably into small white water boats.

Necky Jive / Jive 8'10"
No matter what your skill level or what you want to tackle, the Jive is your best friend all the way.  With a planing hull, hard rails, and perfect balance, the Jive can surf, spin, play and river run all with equal amplob.  We also have a Jive 8'10", which, as the name implies, is 6" longer than the Jive.

Necky Rip
The Rip, Necky's first whitewater boat, incorporates the planing hull and hard rails that have become so synonymous with Necky designs.  This boat, at 9'2" has lots of speed and carves a turn beautifully.  With enough volume for old school booming enders and pirouettes, this is a great river running kayak that still plays and squirts.  The Rip's dimensions and smooth pivot turns make it a perennial favorite with slalom racers and ocean surfs like a dream.

Necky Gliss 7'11"
All kayaks should have Gliss (smooth glide).  With more aggressive volume distribution, the vertical moves are limitless, from big air time to multiple wheels.  On a horizontal plane linking 360's is a pleasure and surfing is fast and responsive with greater edge control.

Necky Bliss 8'0"
If you're having trouble fitting into all those small playboats, the Bliss is the answer.  This 8' boat has increased volume around the cockpit and foot area.  The greater volume in the bow and slightly softer rails make this kayak a natural choice for bigger paddlers.  For average sized folks, the Bliss is an aggressive river running boat that's comfortable on harder big water runs yet still playful enough to have fun along the way.

Rainbow DNA

The DNA, but Italian manufacturer Rainbow has a highly innovative and aggressive outline.  The most interesting novelty of this rodeo boat is the lightly concave bottom which creates a "catamaran" effect, making surfing easy.  Once you start to surf, the DNA remains in the wave's hollow wth surprising steadiness andprovides high-speed sensations.  The prominent tail has been designed purposely to help end-tail.

Necky Sky

The Sky isn't really a white water boat, but it's fun for play.  As Necky's smallest and lightest recreational kayak, the Sky offers good tracking, lots of reserve buoyancy in the bow and high stability, this small kayak has great maneuverability and handling characteristics.  Small and light enough to make transporting the boat really easy, the Sky is equally at home on the ocean, lakes or rivers.

White Water Kayak
Rental Rates
8 hrs $40
24 hrs $50
2 days $70
3 days $90
friday 12noon
to monday 12noon
4 days $110
5 days $130
6 days $145
7 days $160
additional days $20

Rental Policy:
Rentals of less than $200 require 100% prepayment at the time of reservation.  Rentals of more than $200 require a 50% deposit.  A signed credit card imprint is required as a security deposit on all rentals.  Cancellation within 48 hours is required for a full refund.

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