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Paddler's Forum Now Online!
Are you looking for paddlers to join you on an upcoming trip?  Buying or selling a used boat?  Check out our Paddler's Forum for what's going on!

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Wondering about tides?  Weather?  Paddling clubs? 

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Saturdays - Test Paddles
Interested in a boat?  We bring an assortment of boats down to Elk Lake every week, just let us know which boats you're interested in and we'll bring them down for you to test out!

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Sundays - Pool Time
Every Sunday night we take over Crystal Pool - bring your own kayak, or borrow one of ours to brush up on your rolls, rescues and style.

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About Us
We are paddlers - canoe, kayak, outrigger, dragon boat... you name it, we've paddled it on the ocean, river, lake and surf!  The only thing we love as much as being out on the water, is helping you gain the skills, gear and confidence to get out there too!

Peter Harris, the founder of Vancouver Island Canoe & Kayak and certified guide and instructor, has over 20 years experience in the field (or ocean, river, lake etc as the case may be), and 40 in the air exploring Canada as a pilot.  He started paddling in cedar canoes, building up his skills and becoming a whitewater canoe instructor.  He soon moved into kayaking and is now an experienced whitewater, surf and ocean kayaker.  When it comes to canoes and kayaks, there's very little Peter doesn't know something about.

Piper has been paddling since the earliest moments of his life.   Guiding and instructing since 1993, Piper has worked most of the BC coast from the Queen Charlottes to Victoria, as well as extensive experience in Baja Mexico.  Piper has been a member of the SKGABC (The Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of British Columbia) executive committee for several years and is working on becoming a SKGABC examiner, has contributed to the Guides Education Modules (GEM’s) and the Steering Committee.   Piper is a lead guide, a Star 4 paddler with the British Canoe Union, Level 1 Swift Water Rescue Technician, and Level 2 instructor with the CRCA.   Piper also worked as the production scheduler of Current Designs, also acting as product tester and design consultant.

Trained in Advanced Wilderness First Aid, and a lead guide, Lindsay's on the water as much as she's on land.  Between co-ordinating our tours, rentals and guides and being out on the water herself, Lindsay's constantly on the go!

Lee is an experienced lead guide and instructor with Advanced Wilderness First Aid and SKGABC guide certification.  Lee enjoys sharing his knowledge of the area with clients on the water and off in English AND French!   (did we mention Lee is also a local high-school teacher?)  As an added bonus to those travelling with Lee, he's got a reputation as a top-notch cook!

This "paddler extrordinaire" spent the first half of his life cheating death in the corporate world and has chosen to spend the second half on the high seas having a helluva lot more fun!  Brian is an assistant guide and instructor with CRCA certification.

From sailboats to kayaks, outrigger to dragon boat - whether tubing down the Cowichan River or surfing the West Coast, Melissa just loves being on the water!  When not on the water, Melissa wears many other hats around the shop, from marketing director to tech support guru... she can even be found at her desk from time to time with a pile of wood shavings at her feet and a pocket knife in hand custom-sizing outrigger paddles!

All hail Keeper O' The Books!  In addition to the number-crunching (or squashing at least), Marianne is an avid sea kayaker (there's a rumour going around that she sleeps in her beloved Nimbus Solander) and has just recently ventured into the surf - we suspect her next store purchase will be a whitewater boat!

Lizzy (previously known as "the other Lindsay") is as dynamic as she is friendly - and that's saying a lot!  With her SKGABC day guide and flatwater canoe level 3 certifications, experience with dragon boating and outrigger, volunteer experience assisting disabled paddlers enjoy the water, and 5 years living in Tofino under her belt, there's nothing Lizzy cannot tackle on the water!

There was this one time when Johnathan was dangling by one finger from this little ledge high up on The Chief in Squamish... somehow he managed to pull himself, and the small child who had fallen from the path above, to safety!  OK, i made that up... but Johnathan is really good at keeping the front desk organized.

Fiberglass, kevlar, wood... you name it, Andreas can create, fix or upgrade it - AND he can do it all in German!  Always quick with a smile and a solution, Andreas is truly a Jack of all trades.

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